Date:April 18, 2012

How to visit

Please don’t visit Dialogue.

It just doesn’t work. You can sit and watch, and listen, and even throw a $20 in the offering, but that isn’t Dialogue Church. Dialogue is not a meeting; it is a family. Dialogue isn’t a way to believe it is a way to live. It’s not the church service, but the church serving that will change the world. So jump in. Interact. Sit. Stand. Sing. Whatever…but don’t visit.

What should I expect?

The facility isn’t great. We don’t have a barista (but the coffee is free). And we don’t have a cool gift for first timers. Don’t expect any of that. What you can expect is a warm, sincere greeting, a safe place to investigate spiritual questions, and a challenge to live beyond yourself. We believe in diversity—which means that you should probably expect to find someone who maybe looks and probably believes differently than you do. Most of all, you should expect to leave with a deeper understanding of who you are and who Jesus is.

What time? And, how long?

We kick things off Sunday morning at 10:37 (gives you a few extra minutes if the kids are making you run behind), and we finish off around noon. We understand that Sundays fill up with lots of other activities, so we try to be considerate of your time.

And if you have something going on and have to leave a few minutes early, it’s no sweat. Dialogue is very relaxed. People up moving around or having to cut-out a few minutes early is not a problem.