Un-Religious Spirituality

Dialogue Church is a fresh approach to authentic, un-religious spirituality. Dialogue is a journey to live by faith, be known for love, and be a voice of hope.

Hang Out With Us

  • Sunday Dialogue

    Sundays happen at our Forest Park Campus at 10:37. You can expect a warm welcome and a thought provoking dialogue. You may know the songs we sing--maybe not. But by the time that last high-five is given and the chairs are stacked, we'll all go home challenged to make our world a more beautiful place. We think that's what church is about.
  • Family Night

    A family does more than go to church together. Families hang out together, cry together, watch TV together, eat together, laugh together, pray together, do homework together…live life together. Thursday night is our night to be family.

    We truly believe that the church isn’t a service that happens on Sunday; it’s a story that is told through our lives together. Everyone is invited. The only thing that could make it better is if you were there.

    Find out more here.
  • Art & Setup

    Once a month we gather on a Saturday night to setup for Dialogue. But, honestly, that's just an excuse...

    We believe that spiritual experiences can be found in every day moments--laughter with friends, a good meal, a thought provoking book. Spirituality is more than folded hands and religious mantras. Spirituality is an art.

    At Art & Setup we employ various artistic elements as prayer. Sometimes we read. Other nights we paint or draw. One of my favorites was hand decorating wrapping paper for gifts at Christmas. You should join us.